Hakeem Anderson-Lesolang is not without his flaws but he refuses to let a moment define a whole life of black love.

Here, the BecauseBlack curator beams into the world of literature brilliantly with a garland of beautiful convictions

200 TRUTHS ABOUT LOVE is Hakeem Anderson-Lesolang's beautiful unravelling of a black man's self to black women. The poems and essays are full of confrontations, reminders and motivations of the best we are, even when everything around us would convince us otherwise

In a world dead set on making certain young black women & men remain on a back foot where self-love & critical thinking is concerned, here's a book with daily affirmations, assurances and a prompting to believe in and become the best one must be. For themselves first.

It's sexy. 200 TRUTHS ABOUT LOVE is sexy and a love making to the mind and heart. An aide-menoire to the sapiosexual. A calling out of your excellence where love, loving & being loved is concerned and honestly a teacher on having game for your better half.

Hakeem Anderson-Lesolang (FlexBoogie), a world class entertainer & travel enthusiast who prides himself with his "return to softness" is redefining black love with his truths. His #MelaninMusings, #Poetryality #BlkCrwn works already grace minds and hearts of women who invest in their becoming.

This book fortifies your black magic. A necessity. The beautiful voodoo. These are 200 TRUTHS ABOUT LOVE

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